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Food On The Go!

Quick Inspiration Meal Ideas!

In an ideal world it would be great if we all had the time to make and prepare healthy chef designed meals everyday. The reality is that most of us can't cook and those of us that can just don't have the time. Last thing anyone wants to be is prancing around doing 'A Nigella' in the kitchen after a hard days graft. 

This is why many of us fall off the waggon and all our well meaning plans fly out the window and its back to swilling beer, knocking back the wine and speed dialling Uber Eats!

Here are some quick suggestions that will keep you on track throughout your weight-loss journey. With our plans, its not so much about counting calories its about timing. Remember to eat the majority of your daily intake before 2pm. Eat nothing after 6pm 

Drink plenty of plain water, tea and coffee with milk

Before 2pm its very flexible try and don't worry too much, have something you would enjoy. The medication stops you over eating, so stop when you feel full, don't feel the need to finish a meal. After 2pm,  don't eat if not hungry.

Instant Eats!

Eating Poke


Choose one

with fruit and yoghurt of choice

1 x blueberry or chocolate Muffin

2 x teacakes

2 x crumpets with butter,

2 x sachets Oats so Simple with milk

2 x slices wholemeal toast with peanut butter

3 x Weetabix with milk and sprinkle stevia


Choose one with any salad or vegetables of choice where suitable

2 slices any bought pizza eg Dominos

2 x McCann jacket potatoes with butter plus any filling eg tuna mayonnaise, baked beens with cheese etc

Any supermarket microwavable meal eg Lasagne, Spagetti bolognese, carbonara, sausages & mash etc 

1 x Veggie burger from McDonalds or Burger King or similar

A cornish pastie from Greggs or similar

Fish with chips & mushy peas from any chippy

Pack up last nights dinner that was made for the family


Keep it really light and simple and under 10g Carbs

Skip if not hungry

A bowl of homemade soup


A cheese, chicken or fish salad

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