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The SkinnyJab Story far!

And how one woman,

Caroline Balazs

created a global phenomenon,

that changed the diet industry forever

My Story

It all started on a cold miserable  morning back in February 2017. I was stuck at my desk in a Manchester GP surgery, feeling very fed- up, fat and disillusioned with life.

A couple of weeks back I had just been dumped by my long term boyfriend, for another woman. I was truly heartbroken.

So not feeling great, I decided to walk along to the next room and have a catch up with my colleague and friend,  the in- house pharmacist, Sarah. 

I casually mentioned that I wished there was a magic cure to lose weight. Sick of being frumpy, ugly  & finding the battling of the bulge  with the added bonus of impending menopause, an impossible situation to be in.

It was at that moment the universe opened up and gave me some answers.

The pharmacist then pointed me in the direction of a new diabetes drug that had just been licensed for weight-loss, ironically on the same day of me  being dumped, it was a sign!

I didn’t realise it then, but my life was about to change at a phenomenal rate.  I also didn’t realise that my discovery would be the catalyst that turned a multi billion pound slimming industry on head forever.

I remember the pharmacist write down ‘Liraglutide’ and she said - look that up. I had never heard of it, but I was going to find everything out about it.

My first stop was to get hold of the drug. Thinking this would be an impossible task as no one knew of Saxenda at this stage. 

I nipped across the road to a tiny pharmacy, a minute from the surgery. They knew me well as had close links with the medical centre. The pharmacist confirmed that he could get me this prescription and it would arrive the very next day.

The next day I nipped out again in my lunch hour and collected my first Saxenda pen

I do believe that I was the first person in the UK to try this as the new licensed product for weightloss.

Six weeks later and 2 stone down- I knew that  I had discovered something quite amazing.

Not only were the results evident for all to see, but it was the easiest way to lose weight. No stress, no pain, no suffering, it was a breeze to do and I felt amazing!!


SkinnyJab is Born

Next thing I know, around July 2017,  I get a call out of the blue. It’s a journalist from The Daily Mail who writes for the Femail section of the paper. 

She goes on to tell me that she’s heard about this amazing weight loss drug and wants to write my story and how I discovered it.

So I told her everything I knew. A week or so later, I have a photographer turn up with a wardrobe of clothes, a dresser and make up artist.

We did a full photo shoot with 2 other patients of mine who had been very successful with the drug.

Now I had a problem, this article was about to be published and it didn’t have a name and without thinking of the repercussions- I just said very flippantly- call it ‘SkinnyJab’.

So on the 31st August 2017, the Daily Mail published the article and the brand ‘SkinnyJab’ was born. 


On the night before, I was out with a friend having a quiet drink and chat. I had no idea that the piece had been published - in fact didn’t believe for a moment that anyone would , let alone a massive newspaper. They would never put my little story out there.

How wrong was l! 

At about 11.50pm, my phone started vibrating with loads of alerts. My email that was linked to my website and started going crazy. The traffic to the website was like a tsunami - it crashed at one point!

The Global Brand

and the rest is history....

The whirlwind continued from there and the next few years were just crazy. SkinnyJab made news headlines, and was the subject of chat shows, with celebrities loving the products and wanting to be involved.

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So What's Next


​SkinnyJab has re-grouped with a brand new team

We are brimming with new  ideas and inspiration to bring a complete lifestyle and wellbeing element to the brand

SkinnyJab is not just about jabs to make you skinny, ironically that is everything we are not​!

In addition to the re-launch of SkinnyJab, We have also launched a lifestyle hub called 'Lifestyle & Me'.  where I have handpicked cosmeceutical & lifestyle products that I know work and are all available to purchase online

Its not all about losing weight, its about feeling good and when you feel good, you want to look good too

SkinnyJab will form part of a larger lifestyle brand, anything from gym-wear to hare care & cosmeceuticals to

inside celebrity top tips and of course all those Hollywood secrets

For medical weight-loss solutions, I am the CEO of WLO Ltd which now trades as SkinnyJab & Weight-Loss Online

Many have you have tried these medications including Saxenda, but like anything, knowledge and awareness are key to success

Weight management is a very complex issue without the right guidance or instructions, no matter how great the tool is it won’t work properly

Both companies, treat, prescribe and provide medical solutions for obesity

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