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The Basics

Follow this easy guide on what to eat and what to avoid

The Basics

1. Eat all food groups between 7am & 1pm
eg. carbohydrates, proteins, fats & fruits

2. We recommend making breakfast and/or lunch the largest meals of the day

3. Inject either mid-morning or before 1pm after you have eaten
4. Do not eat after 6pm

5. Have a very light dinner without carbohydrates or fruits

6. Drink plain mineral or sparkling water - nothing added

7. Tea & coffee with no sugar or sweeteners with a dash of milk is fine

Preparing Healthy Food
Chocolate Cupcakes
Healthy Salad

Always Avoid 



Fizzy Drinks

Diet Fizzy Drinks

Cordials & Juices

Flavoured Waters

Chewing Gum

Mints & Sweets


Cakes & Biscuits

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