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Whats Happened to Ozempic?

At the moment there is very little availability of the weekly jab, Ozempic.

Ozempic is licenced for diabetes, but is not licensed for weight-loss. However, a qualified clinician can prescribe the drug 'off-label' for weight-loss purposes. This is perfectly legal as long as the patient is aware and a full consultation has been carried out. The benefits of prescribing any drug, must be of benefit more than risk to the patient.

Unfortunately, things have got a little out of hand and there has been a lot of misuse prescribing this drug. With celebrities admitting that they take it, the popularity has soared for this particular medication.

This has created a few problems, firstly it has meant that patients using this medication for Diabetes via the NHS have not been able to get it and this has to be the first priority. So the manufacturers have had to ensure there is enough supply for these patients.

The next issue has been levels of safety when prescribing this drug. Just filling out an online form without adequate health checks with each individual patient has given rise to safety breeches and has put patients at risk when using Ozempic for weight-loss purposes.

The General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) have restricted the supply to online pharmacies who may not be carrying out adequate safety checks for each patient, thus putting them at risk. Ongoing support and aftercare advice with direct contact with your prescribing clinician is crucial during whilst taking these drugs. Many online pharmacies do not provide this level of 1:1 support because thats hassle and theres no money in it for them. However patient safety should always be the priority and not the profit. Sadly this isn't always the case.

Wygovy should also be here by now and thats not happened. This drug is licensed for weight-loss and is the same generic drug as Ozempic, both contain Semaglutide. Wygovy come in a variety of strengths from 0.25mg up to 2.4mg per weekly dose. There have been supply issues due to its popularity in the USA, but also I think that if this drug becomes available here, it could get into the wrong hands and its important to avoid these risks with more stringent safety procedures needing to be in place.

When it comes to weight-loss, people get desperate and if there is not enough public protection provided by governing bodies then it creates more problems than it solves. There have been many changes in the right direction about our patients welfare regarding obesity management. This way patients can be guided to make the right choices when seeking out help and not be fooled by unscrupulous practice and ultimately putting their own health at risk.

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