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I Tried Saxenda- It Didn't Work!

Many of you have bought Saxenda online and found that it just didn't work. Either no weight loss or experiencing too nasty side effects.

Has this put you off? Well think again

In recent times the accessibility of the drug has become more widely available. A few clicks via an online pharmacy and there it is on your doorstep the very next day. So without many of you having no clue what you are doing, so you start injecting and are very disappointed to find that this so called wonder drug for weight-loss, is actually not that great.

Well this disappointment does not happen with my patients. I have a 99% success rate of achieving fantastic results. And its very simple, support and 1:1 access to your clinician is key and getting the right information that is individual to you, this is critical.

The drug is brilliant, but only works in the right conditions. You can throw seeds on the ground, but without the right amount of water and sunlight, they simply won't grow. Saxenda is the same, you can inject the drug, but without providing the right conditions, then it won't be as effective as it could be.

Saxenda is licensed for weight loss and will work really effectively if you have the right advice and the right support- you will get the results you want.

I can help you achieve great weight loss results and I personally help each of my patients along the way. Instant, accessible advice is available at all times.

For more information contact me on

WhatsApp 07803 44 0539 Caroline Balazs WLO Ltd

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