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Side Effects

As with any medication, there is always the risk of experiencing side effects. Please avoid sugar and alcohol, keep hydrated with plain water. Below are listed some of the most common ones. If you need any advice, please contact your clinician. 

Girl Drinking Water



This is the most common side effect and usually experienced in the first few days. It does wear off and you can always take some over the counter travel sickness tablets from your local pharmacy. Keep hydrated with plain water. We can also provide anti-sickness medication. Please speak with your clinician



Vomiting is not as common as nausea, but can happen. To avoid, stick to the diet plan, do not eat late at night, avoid sugary foods/drinks and sweetened products. Keep hydrated with plain water. Do not increase dose without advice.

Speak with your clinician for further support and help.

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This is a common side effect due to the withdrawal of sugar and your system detoxing. Drink plenty of plain water and keep hydrated. Take Paracetamol or Anadin according to dosage instructions. This will pass, any worries speak with your clinician



Lethargy and feeling tired more than usual is also quite common. Bad eating habits and eating the wrong foods has caused your body to be put under a lot of strain for probably many years. When you start reversing this cycle, the body needs to recover and the best and most natural remedy is to sleep. Take plenty of rest, this is only a temporary situation. When the body has recovered, you will have more energy than ever before

Stressed Woman
Upset Stomach



This can occur about 2 weeks after starting the medication. Losing fat cells causes toxic waste to build up in the bowel. We recommend buying movicol which cleanses and removes this waste. Also increase fibre intake and keep hydrated


Skin Irritation

With patients who are injecting everyday, sometimes you may experience irritation at the injection sites. Always alternate and try not to inject into the same place

Hugging a Pillow


Stomach Cramps

This is less common. Sometimes changes in the bowel can cause some pains, especially before going to the toilet. If you are experiencing abdominal pain, please contact your clinician immediately


Hormonal Changes

Over the years we have had feedback from our patients that hormonal symptoms such as change in period regularity, heavier or lighter cycles. Patients have reported an improvement with PMS, PCOS and menopausal symptoms

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