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Squash Soup


Caroline has hand-picked 6 of the best

Delicious, low calorie & packed with nutrients

Click the picture to download, watch & how to make

Each serving is around 200 calories give or take!

Avoid any bread & meat if suggested

Use 'Marigold' vegetable bouillon for stock

Use olive oil and tiny knob of butter for sautéing

Double or treble ingredients to make batches and freeze

Celery Soup

For a really tasty warming soup that will gently cleanse your blood and digestive system

163 calories per serving

3 servings


Cream of Tomato Soup

An old favourite to warm & brighten up these cold dark nights- perfect for making a batch and freezing

180 calories per serving

Serves 10

Tomato Soup

Beetroot Soup

Intense and tasty with ultimate blood purifying benefits

257 calories per serving

Serves 1

Beetroot Soup_Skinny_Jab

Vegetable Soup

A fabulous winter warmer classic packed with nutrients to maintain a healthy immune system during the 'cold & flu' season

218 calories per serving

2 Servings

Pumpkin Soup and Garnish

Pea, Leak & Watercress Soup

Packing a punch for a total nutritional overload and enjoy this Green Goddess!

154 calories per serving

Serves 4


Classic Minestrone Soup

An Italian chunky soup, use wholegrain pasta for a satisfying lunch or dinner choice

225 calories per serving

Serves 4

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