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Trulicity (Dulaglutide) is another 'off- label' version similar to Ozempic and is currently available

This is also a once a week injection that is more convenient for longer term use. 


There are several key differences between Saxenda & Trulicity

  • You inject once a week, rather than daily.

  • The weekly has been shown to be more effective for the long run in clinical studies.

  • The daily jab (Saxenda) is licensed for weight loss; the weekly (Trulicity) is not.

What is it?

Like the daily injection, the medication comes as a pre-filled injectable pen. It is advised by the manufacturer that you inject yourself in an area where you can pinch a good amount of subcutaneous fat. This can be the stomach area, the notorious love handle areas, top of the thighs or even the bottom! Trulicity is a self contained automatic injection, no adding needles like with Saxenda and Ozempic

It contains the active ingredient Dulaglutide which is  similar to Liraglutide and Semiglutide, mimicking a hormone in the body called glucagon-like-peptide-1 (GLP-1). This is an appetite hormone that helps regulate your hunger and is released by the intestines after a meal. The medication therefore helps you feel fuller and less hungry.

It is used as an adjunct to a calorie controlled diet and light exercise.

What is included with the weekly programme?

Included with the Weekly Programme:


  • Your health screening & consultation

  • Your needles for the course

  • Aftercare literature, including side effects, how to deal with side effects, how to take measurements, top tips for weight loss etc

  • Free special delivery with tracking information from a UK regulated pharmacy

  • Dietary & nutritional advice from our in-house qualified practitioners

  • Inspirational meal ideas, easy recipes and free access to Caroline's exclusive Blood Regulation Dietary Plan

  • Links to online exercise programmes

  • 1:1 support with your own same clinician as you need it

  • You always speak to a qualified medical professional regarding your health and weight loss journey, never an admin or sales person

  • Regular email check-ins from your clinician to ensure you are getting the best possible results

  • Unlimited direct access to your clinician via text/WhatsApp if you need any advice or guidance

Plus you get access to our Members Area, which includes:

  • Progress tracking - keep an eye on your weight, waist measurements & BMI

  • Track your daily calories - you can input & see your daily calorie intake from food & fluids

  • Access to  recipes, healthy food swaps & healthy food tips

  • Access to the medication information, demo videos & aftercare literature

  • Online Exercise Programmes - access our home workouts with no need for expensive equipment

  • Request a review of your progress

  • Order repeat products if you wish to continue the programme

What is the dosage?

The starting dose for Trulicity is 0.75mg per week for 4 weeks increasing up to 4.5mg. Your clinician will advice the right dosage for you

What about side effects?

Like any new medication introduced to your body, your body will have to adjust to it. These side effects are generally mild and are transient - which means they will go after a few days once your body has adjusted.

Side effects can include:

  • Nausea

  • Headaches

  • Dry mouth / thirst

  • Constipation or loose stool

  • Tiredness

Some clients experience no side effects. Some experience one side effect. Some experience two side effects. Everyone is different and it is difficult to predict. However, during the consultation we go through the side effects & how to deal with them. We also send you aftercare information on how to deal with any potential side effects and the Patient Information Leaflet, which goes into greater detail.

What were the results?

During the clinical trials by the manufacturer, the average weight loss has been calculated as between 10lbs and 18lbs. Everyone is different, so your weight loss may be more or less. Try not to compare yourself to others losing weight - focus on yourself, your goals and your progress.

Who may be suitable for weight loss medication?

The medication may be suitable for an individual, but this must be assessed on a case-by-case scenario. There is no "blanket fit" for people to use prescription-only medications.

According to the manufacturer, the medication can be used for those with a BMI greater than 30 or those with a BMI greater than 27 (and one weight related co-morbidity e.g. hypertension).

It is also prudent to look at:

  • Your medical history

  • Your current medication

  • Body measurements

  • Current diet & eating habits

  • Current exercise levels

  • Other methods you have already tried

  • Your reasoning for wanting to consider medication


The programme is NOT suitable for:


  • Under 18's or Over 75's

  • Ladies who are breastfeeding or pregnant or actively trying to get pregnant.

  • Anyone who has had pancreatitis or thyroid tumours

  • Anyone with a history or direct family history of MEN2

  • Type 1 diabetics or patients taking diabetic medication

  • Renal (kidney) or liver disease

  • Anyone with heart failure

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