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Concrete Steps

Steps To Success

To get the best out of your medication and achieve the best results, follow these easy steps. We advise that for the first couple of months, really focus and don't waiver as this where you are going to lose the most weight and this weight will stay off. Our clinicians are on hand to help you every step of the way



Avoid Sugar

This is critical as the medication won't work and you have wasted your money. Sweets, cakes, biscuits, sugary drinks, must be avoided. Diet drinks and sweeteners must also be avoided. Complex carbs, eg rice, pastas and potatoes etc are fine in moderation- wholegrain options are better.


Monitor Progress

There are lots of weight loss apps out there that will help you. But it is really simple. Just weight yourself every 7 days and take measurements of your waist and hips. Sometimes the scales lie and don't tell you your true progress, so take measurements, this gives a more accurate reading.and stops you giving up and reaching for the cake!

Grasshopper Cocktail


Avoid Alcohol

Yep, the party is over! Alcohol is full of sugar and calories, also you are taking a medication and alcohol is not a good mixer. Start this programme when you haven't got too much going on. Do it in bite sized chunks if possible. 3-4 weeks then have a break. all programmes are tailored to you


Don't Eat If Not Hungry

Eating little and often is fine. If not hungry, don't eat or just eat a little, you don't have to finish your plate or eat just because its a set time.  The medication is accessing your fat stores to get the energy that the body needs. You should only need to eat daily intake of 800-1000 calories, the medication is getting the rest of your calorie requirements from your fats stores

Cutting Sandwhiches
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