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Whats The Difference Between Ozempic & Wegovy?

Basically -nothing!!

Wegovy and Ozempic are the same generic drug called Semaglutide which  GLP-1 antagonistic receptors that were developed to combat diabetes type 2

Ozempic is licensed for Diabetes Type 2 and Wegovy licensed for weight loss

If looking tol ose weight either brand is fine to take

Ozempic and Wegovy are available up to 1mg

Wegovy then has additional doses of 1.7mg and 2.4mg

These drugs prevent obesity, prevent diabetes, normalise hormones, lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels. They stop over indulgence, manage portion control, stop emotional bingeing and curb sugar cravings encouraging more healthy food choices.

The benefits of GLP-1 agonist receptors are simply incredible for not only our physical well being, but our mental health too.


I personally have suffered with emotional bingeing all my life, this caused me so many other problems such as depression, guilt, anxiety, low self esteem, the list goes on. On this medication, for the past 6 years,I have been able to live my life and have the best relationship with food ever rather than a constant raging battle.


It was me who firstly introduced you to Saxenda in 2017, then when I realised that this had its limitations, so I looked at other options and discovered Ozempic. Then Ozempic got famous and everyone wants it. But it’s not the only option, there are other drugs in the same class, that work exactly the same way and are readily available in good supply.


Trulicity (Dulaglutide) is one of these options. A lot of you have seen it as the poor relation to Ozempic, but to be honest, I really like it. In a lot of ways I prefer it and really think it should be given a chance to shine.

It’s slightly different at first and takes a little longer to kick in, but equally I think the effects are longer lasting. You do feel hunger occasionally, which has put some of you into sheer panic and think it’s not working, but soon as you eat a mouthful, hunger is gone and feel full for ages. 


Calibrating the dosage has been a challenge because the pen cannot be titrated, but I work closely with you all and know a lot of you well so this is manageable. 


Trulicity is not to be taken lightly, it packs a punch and certainly needs an experienced clinician to make sure you are on the correct dosage. Monitoring is essential with this one, too little and it wont work, too much can cause nausea and sickness. This is not a case of one size fits all, a tailored approach is especially essential with this product


However all these medications should only be prescribed with ongoing clinical management. Buying online or down the local beauty parlour with no support or guidance, is not ethical nor safe.


I know this is a diabetic medication and is prescribed ‘off label’ for weight-loss and some argue that this is wrong. But what is wrong with individuals trying to prevent disease and protect their health and lose weight before the problems occur, because they will. Obesity is a pre-cursor to developing diabetes and heart disease, that is a fact. 


By Caroline Balazs

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